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About LNG for SSS

LNG for Short Sea Shipping focusses on the introduction of Liquid Natural Gas  (LNG) as bunker fuel in the Short Sea Shipping sector.  LNG is economically attractive and the benefits for the environment are enormous. LNG makes use of proven technology that is highly reliable.

In the Netherlands the infrastructure for LNG as a bunker fuel for the maritime sector is not developed yet. This hinders the shipping industry to make the transition to this green fuel. LNG for Short Sea Shipping is actively building up this infrastructure for the shipping industry in The Netherlands.

Operating on LNG has many advantages. Ship owners will benefit from lower operational and maintenance costs and are able to cope with more stringent environmental regulations. LNG offers solutions without any negative effects on the performance of the ships. LNG for Short Sea Shipping develops successful LNG business cases in the shipping industry.

LNG for Short Sea Shipping is supported by the Ministry of
Economic Affairs and TKI Gas.