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LNG for ships

IMO regulations prescribe that ships emissions should be reduced dramatically before the 1st of January 2015. This regulation also applies for ships on the North Sea. The use of LNG as bunker fuel for ships is the most sustainable solution in order to comply with these regulations. A recent study concludes that for 17 out of the 59 investigated ship types gas driven engines are a cost effective option when the price of gas is equivalent to the price of marine diesel oil (MDO).

The challenge is to develop the right business cases where LNG as a bunker fuel is technically, logistically and economically feasible. Several cases were developed and prove that the introduction of LNG in the Netherlands shipping industry is close at hand. It is of prime importance to develop a safe and reliable infrastructure in order to store, load and unload LNG.

LNG for Short Sea Shipping and her partners support eachother to develop successful business cases for LNG in the maritime sector.